i am a joyful girl (luvspot) wrote in gapot,
i am a joyful girl

Reasons I love Tanya:

swima23: ha! i was going to take a practice SAT, but i went for a 4 mile run instead
swima23: i don't know what persuaded me to do that
iflovebeblind: you're freaking awesome
iflovebeblind: 4 miles?
iflovebeblind: I'd rather die
swima23: it was probably the same voice that was like, "cut your bangs"
swima23: i mean
swima23: "grow your bangs out"
iflovebeblind: i like you
swima23: no, actually running kind of frees my mind
swima23: sort of
swima23: in a way...i like fresh air
swima23: i'll take you some time
iflovebeblind: good, you'll run and I'll drive by very slowly
iflovebeblind: if i could stay in a straight line
iflovebeblind: or i'd just hit you
swima23: ahhh!!!! :-D funny!!!
swima23: lol....oh kitty
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